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About Us

The Best Option for You

Let us shop for your business

As an independent consultant for energy products and services, we work for you, the customer. From energy purchasing to risk mitigation and historical analysis, we are committed to helping you sort through your options and make informed choices.

We shop the competitive energy marketplace in search of the products and price plans that best fit your business. We’ll take the time to understand your business operation, goals and current contract options. Our experience and straight forward advice We provide you straight advice based on our years of experience.

On Your Behalf

We’ll walk you through the advantages and potential risks of each product option, based on current market conditions and recognized industry trends. We’ll negotiate on your behalf, comb through the supply contract fine print, and get the deal done with efficiency and professionalism.

Cost Management

Looking out for you!

Have you opened a utility bill and wondered about a line item or specific charge that seems odd? We may have good intentions of inquiring but never get around to it.

With our services, we perform an audit of all charges and identify inconsistencies that could be costing your company money. We’ll also deal with the utility company on your behalf and sort out any issues that may be leading to an overcharge.